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Sexy Redhead, Sexy Journal.

....my butt itches.

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J "Big Red" A
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Name is Jacob (AKA Jakey, JA, Jake, Red, Big Red, Sexy Bitch Dude, and Blushing Dream Man), and I am currently 24 years old. I live with my family in Murrieta, CA. I attend the Art Institute of the Inland Empire and am majoring in media arts and animation. I work for the Boys and Girls Club as a youth development counselor, AKA babysitter.
I have a couple hobbies. My main hobby is video games. I love them, ever since I saw Mario killed a goomba in Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I own a NES, SNES, Sega Genesis (all time fav), Sega Nomad, Sega Saturn, N64, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast (second all time fav), Xbox, Gamecube, Xbox360, PSP, DSi, and Wii. I suppose my PC also counts. So I got a lot of systems. Not bragging, it's kinda sad in someways, eh?
I try to draw everyday, and want to improve as much as I can. I specialize in cartoony stuff. Some of my work can be seen on DeviantArt.
If you want to know how my personality is, just read my journal. I'm much too confusing to describe me.
Now, my journal is mostly used to post some art. I still write personal entries from time to time, but yeah, it's now rare.
I believe that's all I need to say.

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