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Update on things

As I wait for work, figured I should pop in, let you all know whats going on.
First, thank you everyone who sent me condolences. People have been saying how strong I've been, but I wouldn't be so strong if it wasn't for my friends and family.
We're slowly moving on. It's hard, as anyone who experienced this can tell you...and we all get our moments. I still feel I haven't properly mourned yet. It hasn't hit me. He's on my mind all the time though, and if I'm not distracted with work, I immediantly think of him and tear up. But my mourning should happen naturally...I shouldn't force it.
Other then that, school is all right, work is meh...things have changed some and not a fan of it. But until I find something new, I'll do my best to stick with it.
Much love to everyone. Thank you for your thoughts.
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